How long will you survive without your lifejacket?

Client: Guy Cotten
Agency: CLM BBDO

Each year in France too many people drown at sea because they neglect to wear a lifejacket. 43% of French people believe that because they can swim they do not need one. However, no matter whether you merely enjoy water activities, are a boating enthusiast or a genuine professional, in the case of an accident, the chances of surviving without a lifejacket are unlikely.

In order to generate massive awareness, Guy Cotten and CLM BBDO created an interactive and immersive experience: A Trip Out To Sea, that makes people sense and experience what it feels like to drown, in the hope of making lifejackets a natural reflex.

The principle is simple, scroll without stopping to stay above the surface.

During several minutes, your only chance of survival is to scroll continuously. The breathtaking experience puts you in the place of the victim, asking you to interact in order to stay alive. Scrolling continuously however is physically and psychologically exhausting. Quickly, tired of scrolling, you give up and drown, revealing the following message: At sea, you tire faster than you think. Whenever you go out to sea, wear your lifejacket.

You then understand how tiring it is to swim at sea without a lifejacket, just like it is tiring to scroll continuously. How long will you survive?

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